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It's all Connected: the health of your body, the stress you feel, the pressures of life and the aches and pains that come with it. The human body is an intricately interconnected, delicately balanced and incredibly adaptable system. The limits of this system are constantly challenged by the stress of athletic performance, the stress of overcoming faulty body mechanics, the stress of everyday life. Sometimes it's just too much for one system to bear, and the balance tips into pain. The good news is that balance can be restored with the right treatment from a PT and an open mindset from you. Wellness is your choice.

For Athletes

Starting players for the Cleveland Browns have utilized Connected PT's services to prepare for game day and recover afterwards. Fascial Stretch Therapy, which was developed with elite athletes, is extremely effective in improving flexibility, boosting performance and shortening recovery time for athletes of all disciplines. Whether you're a CrossFitter looking to perfect your form and stability under the bar, or a runner looking to improve your time and ease those aches and pains, Connected can help you achieve your performance goals.

For Weekend Warriors

Those pickup games of basketball and soccer can get more difficult as we age. A few hours of fun on the field can leave you feeling tight and sore, or maybe flare-up an old injury. With proper attention to flexibility, targeted strengthening and tools to manage on your own, you can enjoy those impromptu athletic moments for years to come.

For Life

The chronic and repetitive strains of everyday life cannot be underestimated. Hours at a desk or with a toddler on your hip can cause neck and back strain, muscle tightness, headaches and fatigue. Primal Reflex Release Technique is a unique treatment approach to ease the effects of stress and break up the poor posture patterns that our bodies get locked into. Through focused, one-on-one care tailored to your needs, you can find new freedom from old pains.

Connected Physical Therapy and Wellness wants to help you explore the possibility of living a pain-free life, and we believe that a healthier, more balanced body is within everyone's grasp.

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